Do you need complex ideas distilled into accessible content?

You’ve probably got a tendency to write like you think–in complex and technical terms. As a farmer, product developer, or engineer, that’s perfect for communicating with your colleagues. That’s not so great for reaching out to new clients, selling more product, or detailing a successful program. Instead, you need to tell compelling stories that convert.

In other words, you need to make people care.

You need them to care about technological advances that can make farming more productive and lower its environmental impact. You need people to care about industrial innovations that make machinery safer and more efficient. Over on the outdoor retail side of things, you need people to understand the link between enjoying and conserving the outdoors.

Whether it’s client-facing copy or internal communications, the need to engage with your stakeholders isn’t something that goes away.

And whether it’s a blog article, a press release, a complex whitepaper, a procedure manual, or something else, hiring me means one less thing for you to worry about. I understand the information you need to convey, and I understand how to put it together in audience-appropriate way.

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