Hi. I’m Lacey Thacker. I come a semi-rural area where many people make their living in blue-collar careers, which has informed my interest in agriculture, community, and blue collar careers.

After earning degrees in professional and technical writing, I began editing as a freelancer and eventually got into writing for businesses and publications, including serving as editor of Arkansas Wild, Bike Arkansas, and Fish Arkansas magazines. I currently serve as the Arkansas Food & Farm editor, where I’m lucky to visit with farmers and food producers around the state. I regularly write about the intersection between sustainable farming and technology.

For several years, I wrote regularly for the Arkansas Trucking Report and have become passionate about professional drivers as well as the technology being developed that will impact drivers’ changing roles in transportation.

My first book was published in the spring of 2019 by Et Alia Press. The project highlights a dozen small farms and producers in the Central Arkansas area.

A bison eats food from a woman's hand.
Taken during a farm interview.